Your journey to increase Data Value

We work to shape and transform data into the most powerful data models and visualisations, so you can adopt analytics and predictive capabilities throughout your organisation


Infrastructure modernisation

Accelerate your digital transformation journey through cloud. Design and build foundational infrastructure and migrate all types of databases to develop a centralised data lake.


Data Modelling

We bring analysis-ready data at your fingertips. We work to create a complete data architecture roadmap that is based on best practices, industry standards and latest proven techniques


Reporting automation

Get to insights and decisions quicker. Save time and improve collaborative efforts for your analysts, marketers, and business leaders with automated and real-time reporting


Data Science

Apply analytics to enhance impact of marketing spend, measure and manage risk, map customer DNA, improve customer experience and ultimately bring better decision making capabilities



Adapt and evolve through progressive learning. Use automation and distributed compute capacity to drive new advances in AI and reach new possibilities in innovation, insight and speed


Reverse ETL

Activate your data by operationalising it. Sync real-time data from single source of truth back to your applications like CRM, advertising platforms, Saas etc where it will be most useful


Falcon Dive for Gaming

Bringing “Actionable Insights” with Rich User Experience accessible to Ultimate
End User through a secured, cost efficient, robust, scalable, API driven tech stack

Value Creation Accelerators

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We are all about solving human problems. Our “No Compromise BI” approach enables enterprises to make critical business decisions with instant insights on their cloud data – irrespective of its size, scale or complexity

Faster Deployment
Lower cost of deployment and maintenance
Higher ROI
More accurate

Lognormal helps businesses of all types understand and influence customer behavior to drive long term success.


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