Smart BI

Everything which you will ever need

A rich, simplified, smart, cloud-based, end-to-end business intelligence suite that allows you to consolidate disparate data sources into single source of truth and present detailed intelligence reports to automate and optimise operations.

Build a secure data lake in few minutes.

One-touch data lake setup

You only need to click a button and wait for ~20 mins for your VMs to be up and running. Behind the scenes we will do all the required software configurations for you

Pre-built organised data storage layers

Orchestrate data flows that ingest, cleanse, transform, and organize raw data. You get 4 pre-built storage zones- Ingestion zone, landing zone, processing zone and refined data zone to cater to your different user communities

Automated data pipeline

Sequence, schedule, run, and manage recurring data processing workloads reliably and cost-effectively with “point and click” operations

Self-service access to data

Manage a data catalog that describes the different datasets available, along with which groups of users have access to each. This makes your users more productive by helping them find the right dataset to analyse.

Secure Access to data

Define granular data access policies to the metadata and data through Role based access controls


Configurable self service-based data

Low/ no-code approach for data modernisation & migration programs

Portable environment for deployment on any private or public cloud

Easy Analytical workbench setup

Reduce setup time of development environment

Pay only for what you use


Smart BI Architecture


Augment decision-making. Accelerate innovation. Empower everyone.
Empower your workforce

With a simplified workflow, you’ll be able to upskill your existing workforce with minimal effort and leverage their data experience to use new technology.

Gain Valuable Insights in Real-Time

Perform large-scale and high-speed analytics on vast volumes of data to generate immediate insights.

Augmented Analytics

We’ve built an AI-powered tool that’s meant to be understood by the people actually making business decisions, not just specialists

Reduce dependency on IT team

You do not have to wait long now to get your queries answered by data analyst team. Know instantly by accessing readily available intelligent canvases

Managed Service

Managed solution enables our customers to focus on consuming analytics and driving business results rather than struggling in the minutia of handling their data. We achieve this by taking care of the underlying technology infrastructure, data ingestion, data processing, and other technological challenges associated with data volumes, variety, and velocity. 

Ultimately, what we do is help you to analyze and understand the current state of data in your business, develop robust solutions, and then turn your data into money through optimized business performance. The ability to work smarter and faster, and remain agile and adaptive, gives your organization a competitive edge

Staff augmentation

Ideal for leveraging our expertise to complement an existing or growing team

Managed services

Outsource service for us to manage and support on behalf of your business

Project-based resources

Flexible model based on statement of work defines the deliverables and timeline

Managed capacity

A monthly retainer on a multi-disciplinary team using short Agiles sprints to continuosily deliver visible business results