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Uncover your Customer DNA. Transform how analytics is built, consumed, and shared using augmented analytics

Bring the power of data in hands of end-users



Simplify Analytics Journey

Realize efficient and precise data
monitoring for end users through
automatically generated alerts,
machine-assisted insight, and clear


Grow Customer Equity

Get a better outlook on your business's health by knowing customer equity. Determine which marketing initiatives bring fruitful results and which customer segments bring you most value to improve sales, retention and revenues


Operationalize decision making

Break down the complexity of your business model using value driver trees. Foster alignment and drive focus by knowing exact areas where attention is required

0 Development Cost

0 BI Infrastructure Investment

0 Cost for Training, Support and Maintenance

What we offer

Choose one or more canvases on the go from Canvas cart

Bonus Cost Optimizer

Measure the effectiveness and efficacy of bonuses. Get recommendation on ‘how much’ and ’to whom’ to invest Bonus. Know which customers are Bonus abusers who are driving profitability down.

Campaign and Promotion analytics

Identify, Review and Select the “Value adding Campaigns and Promotions”. Real-time ROI measuring of all campaign's performance, including VIP and Non-VIP campaigns. So, no more waiting to get campaign results.

Acquisition Analytics

Know which channels are bringing traffic to your site, specifically which channels are bringing valuable traffic. Understand new volumes trend from each traffic source, and if there are any specific sources which are giving more VIPs than others

Top Customer Retention

Understand who are your most revenue generating customers and what behavior drives it. Reduce your VIP churn by acting on Churn alerts e.g., reduced spending over course of time can indicate customer is on way out

Early New VIP Identification Model

Flag your new customers as potential VIP with just 1 day of activity data. Manage your new VIPs using real-time tracker on their revenue's development and betting behavior. Also, check for pitfalls in journey when customer has dropped as VIP

Sports and Casino games recommender

Our Intelligent algorithm tracks players’ behaviour and perfects suggestions, for the most appreciated games, for each player or segment of players. Models are regularly re-trained with any new data and player’s behaviour, fully updating every single player’s profile precisely.

Continuous Forecasting

Our tool constantly analyzes the patterns and correlations of all your important metrics to provide fast, accurate and meaningful alerts in the moment. With these capabilities, businesses can anticipate changing conditions and optimize their operations in advance, to improve customer satisfaction and seize opportunities.

Anomaly/Event detection

Capture incidents before they impact the customer experience with our powerful and easy-to-use anomaly detection canvas. It learns the normal behavior of all business metrics and constantly monitors their every move, slashing time to detection by up to 80%. All without configuring a thing.


Falcondive – analytics platform overview

Easy & flexible elasticity

Falcondive’s decoupled storage & compute architecture allows you to match analytics and ELT workloads with the right compute resources. Adding or scaling resources up/down is always just a command or click away.

Faster than anything

Deliver sub-second and highly concurrent analytics experiences over big and granular data, fueled by AWS Datalake S3 and EC2 combination storage and compute-optimized technology.

Ship robust data applications, fast

Orchestrate 100% programmatically using our REST API, JDBC and SDKs. Focus on your data applications, and let us worry about things like performance optimization, storage management and cluster management.

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